For a shiver in your spine

I wish I had known “medical historian” was a thing a long time ago because it is AWESOME.

Lindsey Fitzharris at The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice  is showing off some great medical history stuff and she is getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign for show development.

Part of the fascination with medical history, for me, is the false sense that we have made a lot of progress from the leech days.  I don’t think we really have, and in so many ways we are too quickly using up what progress we have made.

I can imagine in 200 years talking about a Golden Age of Antibiotics when we had plenty of variety and they generally worked for what we needed them for.  I don’t think that will be forever true.  I think history will show us being too self-absorbed and ignorant, to wasteful of our options for treating infectious illness.

I hope that someone is figuring out what we will do instead.

Anyhow, medical history is neat, Lindsey’s blog is a lot of fun, and a little bit creepy – which is just what you want in a medical history blog.