1st Annual Caregiving Conference

Welcome to those of you who may be coming to this site as a result of attending or streaming the 1st Annual Caregiving Conference.

My thoughts, of late, return again and again to “taking leave” as caregiving progresses.  The large and small ways that individuals and families untangle the history of a person from their existence right now.  Our history as a person comes with stories, stuff, places, and goals.  Our shift through life means that we pick up and put down these stories as time passes.

He was a cop, then he wasn’t.  He was a security guy, and eventually he wasn’t that either.  In the end, he was still trying to protect us all.

She cooked the meals, then they all did, then they ordered catering, and eventually they went to someone else’s house for a meal that he cooked.

They traveled around the world, then around the nation – a meandering road trip, then just the drive down their favorite hometown highway to see the leaves change.

We are still, always, the person we are.  Our reach may have shortened and our step may have slowed but our need for dignity, our need to feel loved while loving others, and our desire to be seen and heard in the world is relentless and unending.